Director of Operations

In order to run the community in an efficient manner and to deliver the programs and services to its members, the Chief and Council hire a Band Administrator who oversees the administration of services, programs and staff. Support staff is hired to coordinate the various community programs and services.

Halalt First Nation Band employs various staff on a full and part-time basis to deliver various services and programs to the membership.

To ensure the smoother and efficient operations of the band the manager works very closely with the Halalt First Nations Chief and Council.


The list of Currently Elected Chief and Council:

Chief:                                      James Thomas

Council Member:                    Danny Norris Sr

Council Member:                    Patricia Thomas

List of Current Staff and Positions:

Director of Operations:          Jack Smith

Assistant Director:                     Lonnie Norris

Finance Director:                     Mechelle Crocker

Treaty:                                      Jack Smith

Treaty Assistant:                      Darlene August

Lands and Resource:              Raven August

Social Development/Education: Sarah Tremblett

Receptionist:                                Margaret Leon

Fisheries:                          James Thomas,

Forestry Supervisor and Staff:  Soon to be Announced

Job Coach:                                Erin Thomas

Membership Clerk:                      Juliana Edwards

Daycare Staff:                             Soon to be Announced

Water Technician:                      David Norris

Operation and Maintenance:     Matthew Tremblett

Janitorial:                                    Christina Norris