Staff Directory

Currently Elected Chief and Council:

Chief:                                          James Thomas

Council Member:                    Danny Norris Sr

Council Member:                    Patricia Thomas

Current Staff Members and their Titles

(Acting) CEO:                              James Thomas

Receptionist:                              Juliana Edwards

Finance Director:                      Mechelle Crocker

Treaty:                                          Jack Smith

Treaty Assistant:                       Darlene August

Lands and Resource:                Raven August

Social Development/Education (Stand-In) : Marie Rowland

Job Coach (Assistant):                Kacey Gladstone

Fisheries:                                        James Thomas

Forestry Supervisor and Staff:  To be Announced

Membership Clerk:                     Juliana Edwards

Water Technician:                       David Norris

Operation and Maintenance:   Matthew Tremblett

Janitorial(stand-in):                      Jennifer Norris