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The Halalt originate from the village of xeláltxw, which means ‘marked houses’ or ‘painted houses’, a reference to the fact that the houseposts in this village were decorated. According to information collected by Rozen (1985), this village was once located in the Cowichan Valley, at the spot where the Silver Bridge currently crosses the Cowichan River, at the south-eastern edge of the city of Duncan. According to Cowichan oral history, the forefathers of both the Cowichan and Chemainus people (Siyóletse and St’éts’en respectively) originated from this village.

The residents of this village later relocated to a village at the north end of Willy Island, the largest of the Shoal Islands located just off the mouth of the Chemainus River, perhaps in the early part of the 19th Century. When they moved, they took the village name with them. Rozen (1985) reports that, historically, there were at least five or six houses in the village in Willy Island. Although the entire island was designated an Indian Reserve (Halalt Island No. 1), the village was abandoned in the 1920s and the residents moved to the Westholme reserve on the lower Chemainus River (Halalt No. 2).


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Notice of Proposed Local Revenue Laws and Invitation to Make Representations

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Chief and Council

Halalt First Nation’s Chief and Council would like to ensure that as your elected officials, that we are committed to moving forward on issues, such as, housing, social, economic, treaty, fisheries and forestry with a focus of bringing continued capacity and stability for both our on and off reserve band membership, and for the community members as a whole.

We continue to recognize the need to be a strong government and therefor remain committed to continually work with local governments, industry, and other sources ensuring that Halalt First Nation’s wants, needs and desires are not marginalized in the overall scheme of things when it comes to the sharing of wealth and abundance of natural resources in our direct traditional territory.


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